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5 dBi NMO Style Mount Omni Antenna

This unit can be used for many applications including surveillance work, ISM/Data and other high frequency applications. This antenna has a ground plane imposed at the feedpoint. This design overcomes the typical ground decoupling that occurs at the higher frequencies. This 5 dBi gain model also compensates for typical system losses that occur at these higher frequencies. Because the antenna has its own built-in ground plane, it is not required that it be mounted on a metal surface.
These antennas are very small in design and appearance. The low profile whip with close winding phasing coil reduces potential whistling noise. The design uses a 3/4" NMO style mount for securing to the vehicle. The NMO mount/cable assembly is supplied. This antenna must be attached to a vechile or other metal surface as it is ground plane dependent.

* 2400 - 2485 MHz
* 5 dBi Gain
* VSWR 2:1
* 15 foot RF-195 with a TNC Male
* 6" antenna whip