5 dBi Magnetic Mount Omni Antenna

This unit can be used for many applications including surveillance work, ISM/Data and other high frequency applications. This antenna has a ground plane imposed at the feedpoint. This design overcomes the typical ground decoupling that occurs at the higher frequencies. This 5 dBi gain model also compensates for typical system losses that occur at these higher frequencies. Because the antenna has its own built-in ground plane, it is not required that it be mounted on a metal surface.
These antennas are very small in design and appearance. A powerful mini magnet (only 2") holds the antenna securely at all times. The 3" round integral ground plane can serve as a removal handle. The low profile whip with close winding phasing coil reduces potential whistling noise. These antennas can be mounted on virtually any surface! A metal surface however will provide the best contact with its powerful magnet. This unit comes complete with a N female pigtail on 9 feet of low loss LMR-240 coax.