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Antenex 14.5 dBi Yagi

The new YE series enclosed yagi from Antenex® features rugged construction that is superior to the competition. This 2.4 GHz Yagi antenna is completely sealed and cannot be disassembled by hand. The Antenex® enclosed Yagi antenna is 12.5 dB gain, constructed of 15 brass elements and has a folded dipole feed. The tubular radome is 18 inches long and 3 inches in diameter enclosed with two 2 inch stainless steel U-bolts for ease in mast mounting.
* Frequency Range 2400-2500 MHz
* Gain 12.5 dBd / 14.5 dBi
* VSWR 2.1:1
* Polarization Vertical
* N Female 32 Inch LMR-195 Pigtail