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24 dBi Mag Grid Antenna

This Andrew Broadband Wireless die-cast grid antenna is manufactured with magnesium alloy, stainless steel and aluminum. Weighs 33% less than aluminum antennas with no rust! Comes with RG8 pigtail, 24 inches long. Can be mounted with up to a 60 degree tilt adjustment. 8 degree beam width for long-range highly directional applicaitions. Can be installed for either vertical or horizontal polarization. This antenna is DC grounded for lightning protection.
* Frequency Range 2400-2500 MHz
* Gain 24 dBi
* VSRW 1:1.5 average
* Maximum Input Power 50 W
* Wind Load @ 100mph 97lbs @ 140mph 199lbs
* Polarization Vertical or Horizontal
* 24 inch RG8 Pigtail w/ N Type Female
* Adjustable Elevation
* Tight 8 degree beam width