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24 dBi Die Cast Directional Antenna

PAWDCA series DieCast Parabolic Grid Antennas are diecast aluminum with grey color epoxy powder coat paint. Because they are shipped in two sections there is big savings realized in reduced shipping costs and reduced storage space. Antennas are complete with Reflector, Patented Dipole and Heavy Duty brackets for 1" to 2.5" diameter poles.
* Frequency Range 1700-2700 MHz
* Gain 24 dBi
* VSRW 1:1.5 average
* Maximum Input Power 50 W
* Wind Load @ 100mph 96lbs @ 140mph 188lbs
* Polarization Vertical or Horizontal
* 24 inch Pigtail w/ N Type Female
* Adjustable Elevation
* Tight 8 degree beam width
* Powder Coat Painted Die Cast Aluminum