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EVR-180 VHS Event Recorder

The EVR-180 VHS either records your surveillance areas permanently or in short sequences of 5s to 15min automatically if a connected infrared motion detector initiates an alarm.
• Automatic audio & video recording of events initiated by a video camera combined with a passive infrared motion detector and/or a callbox
• For PAL, CCIR & NTSC, EIA TV standards
• Resolution: color 230 TV lines, monochrome 330 TV lines
• Dual rotary head scanning system
• Recording time 180 min / 3 h
• Programmable alarm recording time 5 to 59s, 1 to 15 min or permanent
• Records up to 1,500 events (alarms)
• Quick response mechanism even in stand-by mode
• Tracking control
• Fast forward & rewind
• Pause button
• Incorporated date and time generator to display and record time and date
• Normal open (N.O.) alarm contact
• On screen programming
• Acoustic signal for end of tape
• Auto head cleaning system
• Power supply DC 12V via supplied AC adapter 230V, output DC 12V/1A
• Consumption app. 13.5W
• Can be operated via 12V car/boat sockets
• 333x270x94 mm
• 2.9 kg