Video conferencing System
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Mobile Videoconferencing system

Delivery including:
Mobile unit
Ear phones
Base station incl. mains adapter
Passive microphone
Cable set

Battery see assesories
Charging set see assesories
Operation time with 3.400 mAh battery = 10 h

The Mobile Videoconferencing System consists of different wireless transmission systems. There is a uni-directional video link and a bi-directional audio link. The camera signals might be transmitted wireless to the base station and further from the base station via ISDN or LAN video conference. The person who carries the camera is in permanent connection with the service centre. He can comment the pictures and hear the instructions. No fax machine or telephone is able to provide more detailed information.
The Mobile Videoconferencing System is specifically designed for the support in industrial applications. Real time pictures of machines and plants with malfunctions may be transferred to a service centre. The specialist will have an impression of the situation on the spot, may give instructions to solve the problem out or co-ordinate the service team. That will save you considerable cost for staff travelling and precious time. Further applications are private events, concerts, meetings etc.

The system is available with different frequencies and transmission powers.
7512 183000
7512 183000

Product 9086

Video, Audio: 2.4GHz, 25mW
Audiorückkanal: 433 MHz
Mobile videoconferencing system with zoom-camera, 2,5“ display, hand-hold and desk bracket.