FAQ about Everol
1.) Why should I choose an Everol over the competition?

There are many compelling reasons why one should choose an Everol over the competition. Everol reels are built simple and tough and they utilize only the finest, most anti-corrosive materials; Everols are built to last a lifetime, and as a testament to this, there are many Everols from the 1960’s that are still out catching fish.

We feel that the Everol drag systems are the best in the business. They are super smooth and feature huge stainless and carbon fiber discs(the same material that goes into Ferrari’s brakes goes into our reels). Our reels feature more drag surface area than the competition and this, combined with how our drag operates(see the “Our Drag System” tab for a complete explanation) really sets us apart.

Everol is a small, family owned business and they take an extreme amount of pride in their reels. The owners work in the factory running the machine tools and overseeing every step in the assembly of the reels. This hands on approach assures the highest quality craftsmanship.

In short, why should you choose an Everol over the competition---because Everol is a better product at a better price!!!

2.) Is Everol a new company?

No, Everols have been in continous production since 1958. One of the founding partners and his son are now the owners and manage the production and daily operations.

3.) What if I need a part for my Everol?

Parts availability for Everol reels is excellent. The basic design, while being refined over the years, has not changed all that much. This continuity in design has made it much easier to stock parts since many of the reel parts are interchangeable. Everol prides itself on supporting its older reels and generally it is not a problem to get parts for reels going back to the early 1960’s.

4.) Do the parts have to be shipped from Italy?

No, Everol stocks a wide array of parts in Miami(all the basic stuff like washers, springs, screws etc). If a part is not in stock there typically is a 2-4 week waiting period before the part is received in Miami from Italy, but more often than not the parts are in stock in the United States and are ready for immediate shipment.

5.) What about service?

Everol knows just how important the parts and service issues are, and it has been our goal to establish a nationwide network of authorized service centers. While Everols are very easy reels to work on, some people just do not feel comfortable working on their own reels and they would prefer to turn to a repair center. We have established quality repair centers across the country and are continually adding more to our list. If, however, there is not a service center nearby there are two options 1.) you can ship your reel to one of the nearest service centers 2.) if you have a local reel repair business you use, you can have them contact us directly and we will work with them to get your reel back out on the fishing grounds (once again, Everols are very easy to work on and anyone who has worked on other reels will not have a problem working on an Everol). Our international customers can always ship their reels to the factory for service.

6.) How does the warranty work? Does the reel have to go back to Italy for warranty work?

Everols are bulletproof in design and it is very rare for warranty issues to arise. This is why Everol can confidently offer a full 2 year warranty on their reels.

If your reel does need warranty work done, the warranty work can be performed by any of the authorized service centers and the reel does not have to be shipped to Italy.

7.) How accurate are the calibrated scales on the side of the reels? Won't these scales become meaningless as the drags wear?

These scales are very accurate (within +/- 8%)!!! If you want to see for yourself you simply need to get a scale out and check it out for yourself!!! It is an amazingly simple system that offers a lot of advantages over competing reels (see the “ Our Drag System” tab for a complete explanation).

The Everol drag washers are gigantic and have a very large surface area. This coupled with the outstanding performance of the specific carbon fiber material uses, allows for the drags to last a very long time. As the drags wear, it is true that the actual drag will start to fall off from the drag settings shown on the right sideplate since these calibrations were made based on a new drag. It should take a good many seasons of hard use for the settings to become materially different from the actual drag. Furthermore, the drag pressures shown along the arc of the drag lever adjust linearly so if a difference is recognized (and verified on a scale) this constant can be mentally deducted from the numbers on the sideplate and the system will still allow an angler to have a very clear picture of what his or her drag setting is.

8.) If the traditional Everol drag system(with the graduated scales on the sideplate) is so great, why did Everol come out with the Waterproof Series that utilizes a standard pre-set drag system? Are there advantages to the pre-set system?

There were two reasons for the development of the Waterproof Series which incorporates a pre-set drag. Firstly, many anglers in the US had become so familiar with using a pre-set type system that it was difficult for them to accept another system no matter how much merit the other system had. Everol felt like it could come out with a line of reels that could compete favorably with the other reels that use a pre-set so in order to gain more market share, the company decided to come out with their own line of reels incorporating this type of system.

Secondly, there are some advantages to a pre-set system. The traditional Everols(like the Specials , Best, and Two-Speeds) have a fixed range of drag out of the box that corresponds to the scale on the right sideplate. In the past this was not a problem at all since if someone bought a 50lb class reel they were more than likely going to fish 50lb test on it and the scales that Everol had chosen matched up perfectly to their needs. With the advent of the new braided lines(ie Spectra), many anglers, primarily on the West Coast, began using much heavier line on reels that were initially designed for monofilament line classes(eg-fishing 130lb Spectra on a 50 Wide). With a preset drag, these anglers simply need to tighten the pre-set knob to get more drag out of their reels. One can also add springs to the traditional Everol Series to obtain higher drag settings(while maintaining very good freespool capability), but the scales on the sideplate no longer match the actual drag pressure. Everol plans on marketing the traditional series with increased drag calibrations(say for instance a 30lb reel designed to fish 60 or 80 lb Spectra and a 50lb reel designed to fish 100 or 130lb Spectra), but as of now the reels are available, but the matching calibrated sideplates are not.

9.) Can I upgrade my old Everol with the new one piece frames?

This depends on what reel you have. So far the 2.5/0, 4/0 and 30 WP's cannot be upgraded. All of the other Waterproofs from the last several years and the other Specials and Two speeds(of those completed to date) can be upgraded. The anodizing on the frames will match the anodizing done in the last few years. If you have an older reel, the frame will fit, but the anodizing will not match. Call of email for pricing on the frame kits.