RS485 en RS232
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RS485 distributor 1 input, 4 output

RS485 distributor 1 input, 4 output
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RS232/RS485 Adaptor


Zender en ontvanger voor draadloos RS485

Many CCTV PTZ cameras and DVR/Keyboard Controllers, or other automatic control devices such as Robots,  are using RS485 as their standard long distance method of control. These applications always require the user to install a double-wire data cable to send/receive the control signals. In many cases,  however, the physical layout of the data cable are very difficult or sometimes not possible. The newly introduced wireless RS485 transceiver,  provides an  excellent solution to this problem.  It coverts the RS485 data signal into wireless format and transmits over the receiver using  915Mhz radio frequency (legal for most countries). The user no longer needs to use the physical cable for their RS485 device controls.

2 x  modules with omni-antenna
2 x 5-pin connection cables
1 x Connection guide


Estimated range

300m (1000ft) (BER=10=3@9600bps)

Transmitting Frequency

915Mhz (legal civic RF in USA and most other countries)

Baud rate supported


Automatic error & noise filter


Operation mode

half duplex (single unit include transmitter and receiver)

Power supply

DC 5V±10% regulated, 150mA

Current Consumption

Stand-by: 20mA; Operation: 100mA




Standard 5-pin (cable supplied)

PCB package


Dimension (mm)

40mm x 27mm x 15mm (not included antenna length approx. 60mm)