World’s only B/W High Resolution, Articulated Videoscope Has Camera built into tip
  • High-resolution 400TV line CCD camera built into the tip
  • 4-way articulation offers 240 to 280 degrees of flexibility
  • B/W CCD for optimum light sensitivity, 0.1 lux with 4mm, f2.0 lens
  • Easily fits underneath a door
  • 1500mm long, 8mm diameter with 4-way articulation (5’ x 5/16”)
  • Optional Monitor Kit available (V-LCD4-PRO-KIT)
  • Ideal for elite surveillance applications including Police, S.W.A.T. and drug enforcement applications
  • Unique body design allows single hand operation for articulation
The V-VS120 is the worlds only B/W, high-resolution, low light videoscope designed specifically for elite Security applications including police surveillance, covert prison monitoring, S.W.A.T., boarder patrol and drug enforcement applications. Unlike a fiberscope which uses bundles of fibers to transfer the light from the tip of the scope to a camera, thus compromising the image quality and light sensitivity, this videoscope has a 1/4” CCD camera with a 4mm, f2.0 lens built right into the 8mm diameter tip. This gives the user the versatility of a fiberscope with the image quality of a high-resolution, low-light CCD camera. The 4-way articulation allows the unit to move 120 degrees each way in the horizontal direction and 120 to 160 degrees in the vertical. The 160 degree vertical motion allows the user to see back from the point of entry.

An optional monitoring kit (V-LCD4-PRO-KIT) is available. This kit includes a monitor, weatherproof carrying case and a rechargeable battery pack that can power both the videoscope and the monitor for up to one hour.
€ 10995