Flexible Articulated Fiberscope and Borescope Kits
  • Engine Inspection & Diagnostics
  • Automotive repairs
  • Marine & boating repairs
  • Heavy Duty Trucking Industry
  • Building Inspection
  • Pipe & Tank Inspection
  • Boiler Inspection
  • Gunsmith work
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Flexible Articulated Fiberscope and Borescope Kits

The V-FS-A-C flexible fiberscope is ideal for inspections in rugged industrial environments. With its 90 degree viewing tip, it provides a variety of viewing angles. It also has an optional 120 degree tip. This widely known fiberscope is protected by a steel gooseneck sheathing to withstand rigorous industrial inspection applications. This fiberscope is one of the most affordable flexible fiberscopes in the market today. It has the same working dimensions as the articulated fiberscope.

  • Flexible scope
  • 5’ Attached light
  • Direct view
  • 90 Degree viewing tip
  • Video Adapter
  • Optimal clarity of images
  • 5' Attached light
  • Direct view
  • 90 and 120 degree viewing tips
  • Video Adapter
  V-FA-K24 V-FS-A-C V-BR-K9
Flexible scope X X  
Rigid scope     X
5' attached light guide X X  
5' detachable light guide     X
Direct view X X X
90° viewing tip   X  
90° mirror tube     X
120°, 2-way articulation X    
12V portable light source X   X
Battery power cable X   X
Carrying case X X X

The rigid borescope kit employs a series of high-quality lenses for crystal clear images. This direct view scope is ideal for chambers with straight-line access. It comes with a 90 degree side-viewing mirror tube, and an optional 120 degree mirror tube for better inspection of the entire chamber. With the video kit, you can view and record high-resolution images for insurance, warranty, and other legal documentation purposes. It includes a 5’ detachable light guide, 12V portable light source, and battery power cable.

The flexible articulated fiberscope and borescope kits feature the latest technology in lens and fiber optics imaging The optic bundle has 10,000 fibers which ensures the optimal clarity of images. You can use a CCD camera to view and record the images for future viewing or documentation. The fibers are hexagonally packed for high quality video applications.

The Flexible Articulated Fiberscope (V-FA-K24) has a 120 degree two-way articulation which allows easy inspection and maneuverability within the most difficult to reach chambers. You can achieve direct view by controlling the tip of the probe with the lever on the eyepiece handle. It has a 5' attached guide light for sufficient light compensation in dark chambers.

Additional Fiberscopes and Borescopes

  • Flexible Fiberscopes with 2-way articulation in lengths of 1, 1.5 and 2 meters with working diameters of 4, 6 and 8mm
  • Rigid borescopes in lengths of 15” and 23” with working diameters of 5.5mm with mirror tube
Optional Equipment
  • 12V rechargeable battery pack
  • AC adapter
  • CCD chip video camera
  • Video adapter
  • Focusable video adapter
  • 120 degree viewing tips and mirror tubes
Achromatic and Rod Lens Borescopes
  • Up to 600mm working lengths
  • From 2mm to 10mm diameters
  • Straight views from 90° and 120° mirror tubes
  • 30°, 75°, and 90° prism borescopes
  • Focusable video adapter
  • Line of light sources and video adapters

Model Outside Diameter Working Length Angulation Angle of View Price
V-FA-2-6-10 6mm 1000mm ±120 55°* 5439.00
V-FA-2-6-15 6mm 1500mm ±120 55°* 6049.00
V-FA-2-4-10 4mm 1000mm ±120 50° 5549.00
V-FA-2-4-15 4mm 1500mm ±120 50° 6519.00
V-FA-4-8-10 8mm 1000mm ±120 55°* 6749.00
V-FA-4-8-15 8mm 1500mm ±120 55°* 7599.00