High Tech Zoom Pinhole Lenses
  • Available in 4-20mm Zoom or 10-50mm Zoom
  • 6” and 12” Long
  • Manual or Motorized Control
  • Used for Many Industrial and Security Applications
  • High Quality Glass Elements
  • For 1/2” or 1/3” CCD with “CS” Mount
  • Can operate from 7-12VDC
  • Removable push-on cap also acts as mounting support
These lenses are ideal for those tough situations where the camera must be hidden and provide any angle of view between 4-20mm. Although designed for the new 1/3” electronic iris cameras, these lenses are also useful on 1/2” cameras where they can provide up to a 120 degree horizontal field of view at 4mm. The tip of the pinhole is built-in to a removable push-on cap that also acts as a mounting support and protects the main optical system from damage. The motorized MZ series can work with 7-12VDC to operate their zoom motors. Recommended voltage is 9VDC.
Part No. Range Control F-Stop O.D. × l Price
V-ZPL-06 4-20mm Manual f2.5@4mm* 0.787" × 4"
V-ZPL-06MZ 4-20mm Motorized f2.5@4mm* 0.787" × 4"
V-ZPL-12 4-20mm Manual f2.5@4mm* 0.787" × 13"
V-ZPL-12MZ 4-20mm Motorized f2.5@4mm* 0.787" × 13"
V-ZPL-1050 10-50mm Manual f2.5@10mm* 0.787" × 4.5"
V-ZPL-1050MZ 10-50mm Motorized f2.5@10mm* 0.787" × 4.5"