High Tech Pinhole Laparoscopic Lenses
  • High Tech Optical Design
  • 0.31” O.D.
  • Contains High Quality Glass Elements
Measuring only 0.31” in diameter, the V-LPL can be hidden behind walls or ceilings for covert applications. Using the most advanced optical design, the tube of the pinhole lens contains several lenses to provide clear images. The V-LPL8 and V-LPL5 can be used on 1/3” CCD B&W cameras where they can provide an 81° angle of view at a focal length of 4.4mm.
Part No. Length Focal Length f-stop Angle of View Format Mount Price
V-LPL8 9.4" 4.4mm f5.0 81° 1/3" CCD CS
V-LPL5 4.65" 4.4mm f5.0 81° 1/3" CCD CS