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Acces control and surveillance system with 10 inch monitor

door phone
b/ w transmitter in IP 65 housing
10 inch monitor
video audio transmission 2.4 GHz 25 mW (mag in Nederland niet worden gebruikt).
audio backward channel 433 MHz 10 mW
Our access control and surveillance systems have been designed specifically for applications with unobserved entrances and barriers. A camera transmitter (in permanent operation) provides the video pictures of the area around the entrance. This camera may be e.g. a pan / tilt unit (see Commander System ). If somebody wants to enter the safety zone he has to press a button (T1) so that the person in the surveillance room (I1) will be informed by an alarm signal. With the help of a button the gateman can set-up a bi-directional audio link to the entrance (T1). After identification of the person at the barrier the gateman may open the barrier via button. Therefore the entrance unit provides 4 contacts without potential which might be allocated in any way. A second entrance unit (T1) system with the same features is available on request.

Power supply must be available on the place of operation. All signals will be transmitted via radio. The range of the system in line of sight connection between transmitter and receiver is 500 m. To have such a line of sight connection you can separate the radio system on the entrance from the camera. The maximum range in line of sight together with special gain antennas is 5 km.


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Catastrophe protection system

The System is specifically designed for fire brigades, police and special forces in case of accidents, fires and other difficult applications. It consists of a standard camera which is fixed on the helmet. Either the pictures of the thermal camera or of the standard camera (inclusive audio) might be transmitted wireless to the central station. The desired camera signal can be chosen either by the head of the brigade at the central station with the help of a wireless to the central station. During the transmission there is a permanent audio connection between the person who carries the camera and the central station without any additional radio telephone so that the action might be co-ordinated. Additionally the video pictures may be recorded so that the action may be detailed reproduced afterwards. The system is also available with Commander pan / tilt unit on request (see ). Therefore 3 camera pictures are available within one complete system.

Besides the fire and catastrophe applications the system may be operated in further actions of police, border control or special forces.

The system will be customized and is available with different frequencies and transmission powers.