Mobile receivers with display

ProfiLink LCD DX Receiver

VCR interface (video in/out) with automatic switchover as soon as a video signal is received
Autofunction with adjustable time interval between 1 and 10 s
Integrated loudspeaker including volume control
Switching channel output
Channel selector
Video level controller (contrast control of LCD)
DX connector for external directional antenna
Flashing LED as undervoltage display
On/off switch
Battery and mains adapter supply
Max. operation: 12 V / 3,3 Ah battery ca. 4 h
Max. operation: 12 V / 7 Ah battery ca. 8 h
11 - 13 V DC supply

Delivery including desk mains adapter

ProfiLink Mini LCD DX Receiver

General functions

The device consists of a video receiver and a 2.5ö TFT LCD module and
will be supplied via integrated battery or via mains adapter.
The device includes following features:
- better channel selectivity and 5dB higher sensitivity
- video / audio / switching signals of different transmitters (ProfiLink
2.4 – 2.483GHz, ProfiLink 1.4 1.234 – 1.834GHz, SecurityLink
2.3 – 2.5GHz) might be received
- channel selector
- video level control
- video / audio input and output
- integrated loud speaker
- ear phone connector
- connector for charging set
- connector for external gain antenna
- operation time with battery supply: 1.5 hours
- mains supply
- horizontal and vertical reflected picture
- switch for contrast, brightness, colour
The monitor’s resolution of 480 x 234 pixels will impress you as well as the fantastic
colour quality. It also includes a sunshield made of rubber.
New designed is the integrated video / audio input to connect external sources.
The standard system is suitable for PAL signals but also available for NTSC on request.